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Proudly holding Royal status, with a rich history and being the place where time itself is measured, Greenwich is one of London's most iconic areas.


In recent years, spending time in Greenwich may evoke a sense of tranquility, yet its rich history remains intrinsically tied to the river and it would have been an extremely busy and bustling place. Proudly holding Royal status, Greenwich is distinguished as one of only four London boroughs with such an honour. The transformation of the Old Royal Naval College into the University of Greenwich has ushered in a vibrant student community, replacing the once bustling quarters of young naval officers.

Today, Greenwich attracts weekend day-trippers, families, and a youthful demographic, all contributing to its relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and remains a go-to destination for many in London on the weekend. The architectural legacy of Sir Christopher Wren is omnipresent, from the stately College to the iconic St Alfege Church and the Royal Observatory, marking the hallowed grounds where time itself is measured and serves as the benchmark for global timekeeping. In fact, it was from the Royal Observatory that the world’s first weather forecast was issued in 1848 by meteorologist James Glaisher, establishing Greenwich as a pioneering centre for meteorology.

Beyond its regal facades, Greenwich boasts a diverse landscape. From the tranquil expanses of Greenwich Park to the rejuvenated industrial precinct housing The O2 arena, the juxtaposition of greenery and urban vitality is palpable. Victorian and Edwardian terraces stand alongside sleek midcentury modernist homes, reflecting the area's ever evolving character.

At the heart of Greenwich lies its bustling market square, enveloped by charming cafes and boutiques.

Waterside pubs offer idyllic retreats, perfect for savouring a leisurely afternoon by the river. Superb transport connections to the City and Canary Wharf have attracted a wave of professionals, drawn by the convenience of commuting.

Greenwich's historical significance is profound; it was here that Henry VIII, along with his two heirs and future queens Mary I and Elizabeth I, were born in the Palace of Placentia in 1491. Although the palace was demolished in 1660, Greenwich's royal heritage endures. Designated a royal borough by the Queen in 2012 and a World Heritage Site since 1997, Greenwich is a living testament to England's regal past. 

One of Greenwich's most iconic attractions is the Cutty Sark, a magnificent tea clipper built in 1869. Permanently moored in Greenwich, the Cutty Sark has weathered many storms, both literal and figurative. It survived two fires, in 2007 and 2014, the latter occurring during a £25 million restoration effort. Despite these challenges, the Cutty Sark stands as a testament to Greenwich's maritime legacy and enduring resilience.

Greenwich Park, the most historic among the Royal Parks, boasts a lineage dating back to Roman times. Now it is home to the National Maritime Museum, The Royal Observatory, and the Meridian Line. These, together with enchanting rose gardens, aromatic herb gardens, the Queen’s Orchard, and a sprawling 180 acres of green space, offer boundless entertainment for visitors of all ages. Just a stone's throw away in Charlton lies the Maryon Wilson Animal Park, a charming enclave where children can delight in the opportunity to feed sheep, pigs, ponies, and more, adding an extra layer of charm to the area's attractions. Pleasaunce East Greenwich park, with its historical ties to the Old Naval College, is another cherished spot among locals, further enriching the community's connection to Greenwich's illustrious past.

Schooling is excellent too; for younger children, Halstow Primary, Millennium Primary, and St Alfege with St Peter’s Primary are highly sought-after options. As for older students, families might prefer St Ursula’s Convent School, which prioritises Catholic students, or they may explore Thomas Tallis School in Blackheath. This larger secondary school is renowned for its specialised hearing impairment unit. Alternatively, independent schooling options include the Pointers School at the preparatory level, Blackheath High School for girls, and the mixed Riverston School in Eltham.

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