Abbeville Village

Southwest London

Located to the Southeast of Clapham common this area lives up to it's namesake with it's village like feel and pretty Victorian terraces.


During the mid 1800’s, acclaimed architect Sir Thomas Cubitt designed a lot of the grand houses of the Clapham Park Estate. Sadly, a lot of these masterpieces were bombed in the Second World War but some still remain. Abbeville Village, located just south-east of Clapham Common, houses some of these houses that boast ornate stucco finishes and pillars.

Most of the houses in this area are typical of Clapham’s charm: terraced Victorian houses, often with garden space. Unlike the rest of this area though, houses in Abbeville Village often have added grandeur of steps leading up to the front door and are multi-storey. Other property offerings have off-street parking and garden space- a real prize in such a central location. Some have been converted into spacious flat conversions while others are impressively sized family homes.

The village has a close-knit feel and has lots to offer, including well-loved cafes like Gail’s as well as independent cafe and grocery shops. The area has lovely restaurants like 33 Abbeville Road, a popular independent restaurant that is in high demand (particularly for Sunday brunch). Other highlights of the area include the lively bars that can be found in nearby Brixton and the green open spaces afforded to locals by the Common.

If you’re looking to buy or rent in the Abbeville area, we would be more than happy to help.

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Abbeville Village

Southwest London

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