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“Moveli provided exceptional service to me as a buyer and made the process very easy.”

Ms L. C.

Founding Agent

Off Market Opportunities

Many of the best properties are sold before they even hit the market. We have extensive and deep networks within the property industry as well as access to agent only platforms for off-market leads.

We leverage our contacts across the industry to introduce unique properties that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Take the stress out of your search

Finding a home is a laborious process. Attending viewings and narrowing your search from the mass of properties that agents indiscriminately send you can be draining. 

Our agents know their markets on a street-by-street basis and will often already have a good idea about where your search is best focused. They will screen properties, have frank conversations with the agents that represent them, and attend initial viewings to check suitability before notifying you of any properties that warrant your attention.

“Moveli helped me buy my property and what a great experience it was. This is house moving as it should be!”

Charlotte W.

Founding Agent

Never Overpay

Our agents are highly experienced with an average of 16+ years experience negotiating high value transactions across London, the Home Counties and the UK.

They know what you should be paying and what you definitely shouldn’t. They know all the tricks of the trade estate agents will play in order to leverage a higher price from buyers like you. Having an agent negotiate on your behalf cuts out the usual clandestine tactics and often the deal can be done quicker and with a better outcome.

Secure Your Dream Home

Unfortunately, many sales transactions can fall apart due to poor management. Our expert agents have run hundreds of sales over their careers and have the experience to ensure that your purchase doesn’t get derailed.

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