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Our letting services

“I cannot recommend enough, the over and beyond level of service that I received during a recent property transaction with Moveli.”

Mrs P. L.

Founding Agent

Lettings Experts

Our lettings experts are some of the most experienced in the business. When you instruct Moveli to let your home, not only will you be dealing with an expert with one point of contact, but you will have the back up of our highly experienced letting administration team to ensure your tenants, and your let is seamlessly orchestrated.

High Quality Tenants

We don't just negotiate the highest price for your let, we also ensure that the tenants we place are the highest of quality. The lettings landscape is a minefield. With over 350 years collective agency experience we have come to know the red flags to listen out for when talking to tenants. Not only that but we screen them as well just to be safe. Good tenants are as valuable to us as to you.

“Great service from start to finish. Clearly know the property market, offered invaluable advice and were a dream to work with.”

Mrs T. W.

Founding Agent

Maximum exposure

We'll market your let to the largest audience possible, across all the major portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On The Market as well as a host of affiliate sites, social media and our extensive network of corporate re-location agents. Some of the best tenants are secured through these networks that we have built up over decades.

Perfect Presentation

Letting anything for a top price requires perfect presentation. We are masters at promoting your let in the best possible light. We use the best photographers in the business and have an in-house marketing department to make sure your property outshines the rest. This leads to not only higher yields but a quicker let that reduces void periods.

“Their advice on pricing and how to manage bids was spot on. They have an excellent modus operandi and I recommend them strongly.”

Mrs L. C.

Founding Agent

Fully Compliant

Lettings is a highly regulated industry with new legislation coming out on a regular basis. Falling foul to any of these regulations at best can put you out of pocket, at worst can be a full blown legal battle or worse. At Moveli we are fully compliant with all the regulations and advise our landlords as soon as they change as well as acting accordingly. You can rest easy when you let with us.

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